‘Tis the Season to Swelter

So this weeks offering will have very similar themes to my last post; heat and Christmas. It is still ridiculously hot and this hasn’t made the stress of my first Christmas knitting presents for people any easier.  Naturally to the horror of Queensland summer temperatures I have added the inevitable wrist/shoulder strain of the last minute knitter. Tragedy. When you factor in that it’s too hot for coffee some days it’s a miracle I manage to function at all.

I have rallied the remnants of my festive spirit however, and will not let this minor set back upset my plans for an awesome Christmas. Mostly I am excited about going to England and seeing dear old friends in good ol’ London town. Some of the rest of my excitement comes from really getting to grips with some Biggan Design yarn for the first time while making those presents.

Using some of the myriad little patterns and gems of ideas on the Internet I used some of my favourite, best and brightest Biggan colours for presents. Other than the pure joy of seeing a bag of BD yarns finally in my knitting cupboard (Bright Jade, Deep Turquoise, Yellow, Cerise and Coral Red for those who are curious) the best thing about using them was how good even the simplest stitches looked. Even in the brightest of sunshine and the intense summer palette around me, the little woolen trinkets came out looking like little bursts of colour joy. Win.

So while I run around like a headless chicken trying to successfully pack winter clothes without touching them, I thought I’d share some pictures of those little bursts of colour with you all. I particularly enjoy the his’n’hers mug warmers.

Photo on 19-12-12 at 4.22 PMPhoto on 19-12-12 at 4.25 PM


I’m off to the other hemisphere for a while but will try to send some quick updates from the fireplaces/ski slopes I find myself on. Happy holidays to all you Bigganites, especially those of you kind enough to read the blog posts!

Until 2013 … assuming the Mayans weren’t right.


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