Continentally Confused Part 2: The Revenge

Trying my hand at continental knitting for the first time turned out to be a surprising success. Trying to purl Continental style however, was not. Unsurprisingly it is a slightly more complicated movement than the knit stitch, just as in the English style. I needed a significantly longer practice session before the purl stitches started to take the right shape.


ImageAs you can probably tell from my super tense hands in the above photos I did, to some not insignificant degree, struggle to ‘pick up’ and make the stitch this way. Things started looking desperate and I was one or two dropped stitches away from yelling at magic knitting creatures that had clearly cursed me forever.  Then, however, expert intervention arrived in the form of the one and only Biggan. The knitting goddess herself sat down to give me some pointers from her sought after continental knitting classes.  I had thought that watching her crazy fast skills would be more depressing than helpful but it turned out to be quite inspiration and more than a little useful. Unsurprisingly her number one tip is PRACTICE and MORE PRACTICE. Even when the tutoring was done and dusted the most useful part of her instruction was just sitting on the BD couch knitting away, albeit a good deal slower and more clumsily, while she worked her magic on her needles next to me.  As per her instructions I abandoned all other projects for a week or two and just worked on continental method until it started to come together. Eventually I even switched over the jumper-knitting project I’ve been working on to continental method and you can barely see the difference where I changed. That, I think, is a pretty good indicator of success!


So if you ever feel the desire to learn Continental stirring in your knitters heart then I cannot recommend giving it a go highly enough. Especially if you are lucky enough to take one of Biggan’s classes! Keep an eye on out the blog and/or FB for notification of any upcoming classes.

Coming Up Next: Festive Feasting and Christmas Crafting.




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