In Praise of Jade

When you jump on the Biggan Design train one of the first questions you are forced to ask yourself is which colour is your favourite? Now personally I could see myself happily trying out all the shades over many years worth of projects before I figure out that answer. However when I became official Blog mistress the powers that be at BD insisted I pick just one colour to start with, I’d only been looking at the enticing colour card for about a minute so I panicked. I didn’t give it any thought really and just chose on the spur of the moment.  However as time has passed I’ve become more and more convinced I made the right choice. Bright Jade, and its slightly haughty sibling Imperial Jade (Nos 650 and 630 respectively), are really great colours.

Not only does it look sumptuous on the shelf (see above) but there are persistent rumblings around this time of year, with Northern Hemisphere winter starting to threaten, that this rich jewel tone is going to make a big fashion splash. Regardless of where you live the bright but intense quality of Bright Jade in particular can work for you in a variety of garments. A stunning, warm, Jade blanket would keep anyone snugly in the winter months and those of us facing Southern Hemisphere summer can rest assured that the bright, happy colour won’t seem out of place even if we can’t wear it for a few months yet!

In one of the older blog posts Biggan talked about how her greens were inspired by Bush walks and the stunning variety of colours that surround us Down Under. The other thing that strikes me about these jades is how much they remind me of pics my Dad takes when he goes Scuba Diving – check out this fishy/wreck image from the somewhere off the Sunshine Coast and how it echoes some Biggan colours.


When I take the plunge next week and start knitting the ‘Continental’ way I’ll be starting off with Bright Jade and no doubt enjoying the final product all the more because of the colour and the method! I’m also excited because I’m pretty sure the turquoise-y tone of Bright Jade is going to go well with my freakishly pale skin. I think I’ll even save up these earrings I picked up at a vintage fair to go with the finished project.


Here’s the thing. I was going to tell you all about how this particular shade fits in with my ‘colours’ because I’m a Spring in those seasonal colour palette things you can get done. I WAS going to show you my special flip-out pouch of colour swatches and get really excited about greens. Unfortunately the spiteful fairies that inhabit my desk and hide vital items from me at useful times have done away with it.

You see I know where this pouch is, I know where it lives and it SHOULD be there gosh darn it. So being the sensible, rational creature I am I refused to accept the evidence of my eyes and instead decided to repeatedly open and move around the contents of my desk drawer until the item in question deigned to reappear. A flawless plan. The complication arose because of the very sophisticated nature of my filing system (the open-the-drawer-and-stuff method) and resulting overcrowding of my desk. Somehow the desk and all its contents conspired against me to jam folders in such a fashion that I could not open the drawers. That, dear reader, is when I decided the laws of physics need not apply to me and that the solid folder vs. solid drawer problem could be fixed by squeezing my child-size wrists into the gaps. This somehow resulted in me getting stuck for a distressing amount of time with my arm inside my desk drawers, on the verge of hysterics, cursing at the world.

To summarise my wildly unsuccessful day I have failed to find the pouch or anything else to say about colour and am now experiencing mild post-traumatic-drawer stress. There is nothing for it but to lock myself away with my existing unfinished project and try and knit the pain away! There’s just something so soothing about straight lines of stitches … *sigh*

This is what I’ll be recovering with – what I’ve got so far of a jumper in super pale pink (note the cleverly placed white objects on my desk to show up the pink-ness).


 Coming Up Next Week: Adventures in Continental Method. 


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