Re-launch of Biggan Design



Mother & Daughter Dream Team


Biggan Design launches its first range of super soft premium all Australian 100% Merino First Cross DK/ 8ply Yarn in 64 brilliant colours along with a stylish collection of easy to knit patterns. 

 Available globally from its online boutique: 

Renowned Swedish knitwear designer, Biggan Dups (nee Ryd) best known in Scandinavia for her daringly vibrant colour combinations and easy to knit designs in the 1970’s and early 1980’s has re-emerged after a 25 year hiatus with her own range of super soft Merino first cross DK hand knitting yarn in 64 brilliant colours. Biggan has also just released a stylish yet simple collection of brightly coloured hand knit garments which showcases her yarn range to perfection, demonstrating Biggan’s talent and skill when it comes to knitting vibrant colours into beautiful and timeless silhouettes.

Joining forces with Biggan is her eldest daughter, Henrietta Dups who has recently come onboard as the International Marketing & Sales Manager for Biggan Design. Henrietta brings to the table her extensive experience in the London fashion world, where for six years she pursued a career in fashion and social journalism and styling for publications including: Harpers Bazaar (formerly known as Harpers & Queen), Tatler, Hello!, Shoo and many more.

Biggan put her career on hold when she and her husband Kennerley emigrated to Australia in 1982 with their young family.  Kennerley’s subsequent career in Exploration saw the family flitting from Australia to China and then Indonesia before finally settling back in Queensland in Australia again. This made it impossible for Biggan to continue her business.

However, throughout this period Biggan constantly absorbed all the sights, sounds, and cultural experiences lending a fresher and more sophisticated maturity to her creativity.

Building on her Fashion Degree at Anders Beckmans School of Fashion and Commercial Design in Stockholm, Biggan decided to hone her skills in pattern making at MIT in Queensland. She was determined to create patterns that would allow hand knitters to make garments that professionally fit the wearer no matter what size.Biggan goes on to explain, ‘Ever since coming to Australia I have wanted to create my own yarn from this country’s soft Merino Wool, which is the best in the world. I have also wanted to use my designs with this superb yarn to re-invigorate the ancient and joyful craft of hand knitting worldwide. In 2002, I saw an opportunity to realise my dream and produce a range of Australian yarns that would give this unique combination of softness and abundance of vibrant colours.

After what seemed like endless researching, trialling and re-trialling Biggan Design is  now proud to offer an exceptionally soft and colourful yarn in 100% Merino First Cross Wool. A cross breed fleece, it combines the softness of the shorter Merino fibres with the durability of the Border Leicester’s longer, stronger fibres with more crimp. This gives a wonderful buoyancy and spring to the yarn and makes it fun and easy to knit with. This wonderful wool is so soft you can wear it straight on your skin, is machine washable at 30oC in a gentle/ wool cycle, does not bleed, holds its shape even after extensive wear and does not pill. However, most importantly this colour range is here to stay, so in 10 or 20 years time, you should still be able to order the same colours.

Biggan Design is based in Australia and all its yarn comes from Australian wool and is entirely manufactured in Australia so that it can maintain and pass on to you the highest quality.Biggan has intentionally created this range to be like a painter’s palette for knitters to draw inspiration from, helping to unleash the designer within every knitter and giving people the freedom to create their own colourful and stylish easy-to-knit garments that will last a lifetime. When you knit with Biggan Design yarn and patterns you will experience the joy and wellbeing that brilliantly coloured natural garments give you both from their making and their wearing.

All Biggan Design yarns and patterns can be purchased from its online boutique:

Biggan Design DK/ 8 Ply Yarn – 50g/1 ¾ oz net balls – 105m/115yds at $AUS 9.95 ea

Biggan Design Patterns start from $AUS 7.50